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Forest Fringe holds a unique place at the Edinburgh Fringe and is back this year in 2013. Elusive, different, experimental and with an ethos all its own, there's often cutting edge work crossing boundaries and borders.
And the new venue is a place we gave an award to in 2011, The Out of the Blue Drill Hall. Look here.

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Our Performance Recommendations at Forest Fringe
1. Fake It Til You Make It - 2014 FringeReview Award Winning company
8 & 9 August 9.15pm
Drill Hall
Verity Standen

6-8, 12-15 August 12.30pm
9 & 10 August 12pm & 12.30pm
16 & 17 August 12.30pm & 1pm

Drill Hall Studio


3. If Destroyed Still True

Molly Naylor and Iain Ross

6-17 August (not 11) 6pm
Drill Hall Studio
More to come.
Reverend Billy/Colchester Arts Centre/Escalator East To Edinburgh present:
New York’s favourite radical makes Edinburgh debut with their very special mixture of passion and politics  Hallelujah! Your saviour is at hand. If you feel we’re suffering from shopping overload, if you’re concerned about  a world rife with global advertising, multinational control, climate change, packaging, supermarket domination, TV  merchandising and all the rampant free marketeering in a profit driven wicked and dirty world... help is here my friends.
These notorious campaigning troublemakers, who have been arrested more than 50 times, come on a crusade to help  the Honeybee, threatened by deadly nerve agents and big business agriculture. Honeybeelujah! promises humour, great  music and an unsettling challenge to the soul. and a celebration of International Honeybee Day
To date they have performed in, and Billy has exorcised cash registers in, over a dozen countries. Reverend Billy and  his magnificent Stop Shopping Choir will sing, preach, charm, berate, seduce and rescue at their first appearance in the  ‘The intensity of the Reverend’s emotions is outlandish—but also moving because, for all the absurd trappings, the  message is vital, the righteous fury on behalf of Mother Earth.’ Time Out   is International Honeybee day. Thousands of activists and bee lovers will press for a moratorium and ban  on neonicitinoid pesticides which are proven to be the major cause of Colony Collapse and the extreme decline of bees  worldwide. It is believed that highly secretive Monsanto (manufacturers of neonicitinoid pesticides) CEO Hugh Grant  lives in Scotland at least part of the year.
This secular ‘post-religious’ church joins a worldwide protest movement already in motion. Rev Billy explains, ‘Protests  against the killers of our crucial pollinating collaborators are everywhere, including 10 Downing Street. Yet the effort to 
save the honeybee is weak enough for multinationals like Monsanto (who claim sustainability for their products), Bayer  and Syngenta to continue to deny the science that makes it clear just how deadly their neonicitinoid pesticides are.’ Reverend Billy Talen is an actor, performance artist and activist who began his experimental preaching in Times Square  in 1994. Soon singers were accompanying his ‘retail Interventions’ inside chain stores, principal targets being Disney, 
GAP, Nike, and Starbucks. He is legally banned from every branch of Starbucks in the USA and the coffee giant has issued a memo to its managers ‘What should I do if Reverend Billy is in my store?’
The Church of Stop Shopping hold ‘services’ wherever they can, in theatres, churches, community centres, forests,  parking lots, shopping malls, and perhaps most importantly, inside stores, as close to the cash register as they can get, 
within spitting distance of the point of purchase. Their feature film ‘What Would Jesus Buy’ was produced by Morgan  Spurlock and their earlier film Preacher With an Unknown God won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival.
Get ready to swarm! Honeybeelujah! Is produced by Colchester Arts Centre as part of Escalator East To Edinburgh which helps artists and arts  organisations to raise their profile and perform to new audiences as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Listings information:
Honeybeelujah! Out of the Blue Drill Hall 36 Dalmeny St, Edinburgh EH6 8RG 
16 and 17 August Time: 21.30 (70 mins) FREE admission
We chatted to Andy Field a couple of years back, one of the co-creators at Forest Fringe.
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Fringe Review Fringe Review Fringe Review Fringe Review Fringe Review Fringe Review

Fringe Review Fringe Review Fringe Review Fringe Review Fringe Review Fringe Review Fringe Review